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101 Dalmations Cast List

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First rehearsal is 6:00pm Tuesday 10/15/2019 at Fort Myers Christian Church.

5916 Winkler Rd    Ft Myers     33919


Role Actor
Student Assistant Director Grace Layne Ryan
Cruella De Vil Arabella Arado Lilleslatten
Horace Kayley Edwards
Jasper Aiden Johnson
Perdita Teagan Clark
Pongo Jacob Kurian
Roger Zuriel Ortiz
Anita Anna Reed
Nanny Samantha Cueva
Lucky Eden Fautz
Patch Hudson McCarron
Penny Izzy Sedorchuk
Pepper Kareena Kurian
Freckles Avery Johnson
Spotty Emerson Purse
Sergeant Tibbs Jacqueline Piles
Scotty 1 Scarlet Kabel
Scotty 2 Samantha Thibodeau
Scotty Narrator Madison Durden
Poodle 1 Jeoni Shepard
Poodle 2 Nora Elizabeth Drake
Poodle Narrator Kate Wilson
Boxer 1 Neve Farrell
Boxer 2 Madelyne McCarron
Boxer Narrator Julia Wells
Chihuahua 1 Sophia Hildebrand
Chihuahua 2 Rose Schoenfeld
Chihuahua Narrator Keeva Clark
Dog Catcher Allison Manekin Robert Gosling
Police Officer Robert Gosling
Ensemble Dalmatian Vivian Thibodeau
Ensemble Dalmatian Olive Thibodeau
Ensemble Dalmatian Ellevn Thibodeau
Ensemble Dalmatian Lucy Demaras
Ensemble Dalmatian Asher Edwards