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*first rehearsal is located at Robin Dawn Dance Academy on Saturday Feb 16th at 1:00. More details will be emailed to you after you fill out the form on our website
Queen of Hearts – Caroline Evans
King of Hearts – Harrison Kabel
White Rabbit – Liam Martinez
Alice – Georgia Rainero
Small Alice – Grace Kahle
Tall Alice – Abigail Buckley
Mathilda – Camilla Motley
Dodo Bird – Julia Wells
Cheshire Cat 1 – Rebecca Porter
Cheshire Cat 2 – Jacqueline Piles
Cheshire Cat 3 – Izy Sedorchuk
Caterpillar – Kyera Patterson
Tweedle Dum – Emma Shipley
Tweedle Dee – Ally Buckley
Mad Hatter – Aiden Johnson
March Hare – Ella Godfrey
Door Mouse – Emerson Purse
Doorknob – Eden Fautz
4 of Hearts – Kylie Hackett
Ace of Spades – Chase Bates
2 of Diamonds – Gabriel Cruz
3 of Clubs – Eden Kline
1 of Hearts – Naomi Porter
3 of Diamonds & Flower Ensemble Gladiolus – Katherine Schwartzel
2 of CLubs & Flower Ensemble Tulip – Alyssa Tyler
Petunia (flower) – Eleanor Kahle
Violet (flower) – Addison Baker
Rose (flower) – Zulai Perez
Daisy (flower) – Molly Wilson
Lilly (flower) – Casey Sackman
Flower Ensemble Sunflower – Ellie Biehl
Flower Ensemble Lavender – Camilla Motley
Flower Ensemble Marigold – Penelope Kirvan
Flower Ensemble Tulip – Shannon Dodge
Caucus Race Ensemble (turtle) Mad Tea Party Guest – Evelyn Jasper
Caucus Race Ensemble (bird) Mad Tea Party Guest – Kate Wilson
Caucus Race Ensemble (lizard) Mad Tea Party Guest – Taylor Reis
Caucus Race Ensemble (mouse) Mad Tea Party Guest – Scarlett Kabel
Royal Cardsmen – Aubryanna Wunder
Royal Cardsmen – Evelyn Jasper
Royal Cardsmen – Kate Wilson
Royal Cardsmen – Taylor Reis
Royal Cardsmen – Tyler Reis
Royal Cardsmen – Elizabeth Jasper
Royal Cardsmen – Natalia Almodouar
Royal Cardsmen – Tatiana Almodovar
Royal Cardsmen – Sidney Blackwood
Royal Cardsmen – Samantha Desir
Royal Cardsmen – Camilla Motley
Royal Cardsmen – Lila Fields
Royal Cardsmen – Lilly Beverly
Royal Cardsmen – Jillian Breece
Royal Cardsmen – Zoey Beverly
Royal Cardsmen – Cloey Beverly
Royal Cardsmen – Lacey Beverly
Royal Cardsmen – Amelia White
Royal Cardsmen – Camden Ruiz
Royal Cardsmen – Skyler Ruiz
Royal Cardsmen – Bradley Ruiz
Royal Cardsmen – Sophia Robinson
Royal Cardsmen – Reese Rainero
Royal Cardsmen – Addison Racz
Royal Cardsmen – Sophia Hildebrand
Royal Cardsmen – Ella Alfaro-Maldonado
Royal Cardsmen – Zasha Pepez
Royal Cardsmen – Victoria Quilty
Royal Cardsmen – Reagan Wilson
Royal Cardsmen – Anastasia Dasir
Royal Cardsmen – Zac Hamstra
Royal Cardsmen – Trey Porter
Royal Cardsmen – Caleb Riley
Royal Cardsmen – Lauren Cruz
Royal Cardsmen – Melinda Martinez

*First rehearsal will be Wednesday Feb 13th from 5:30 – 8:30pm at Fort Myers Christian Church 5916 Winkler Rd, fort Myers 33919. More information will be sent soon.

Cheshire Cat – Isabel Isenhower
Mathilda – Jaylyn Sullivan
Lead Alice – Tatiana Rodriguez
Tall Alice – Anna Reed
Small Alice – Georgia Rainero
White Rabbit- Shannon Gray
Doorknob – Aakaysha Williams 
Dodo Bird – Jenna Mazzoli
Tweedle Dee – Analia Piloto
Tweedle Dum – Caleb Graham
Petunia – Summer Meade
Rose – Kinley Gomez
Daisy – KelbyLynn Kolaz
Violet – Madison Simmons
Lily –Caroline Evans
Caterpilar – Noah Lynch
Mad Hatter – Gianni Gizzi
March Hare – Austin Storms
Two of Clubs – Amy Walker 
Ace of Spades – Alexis Nightingale
Three of Diamonds – Anixela Licea
Queen of Hearts – Mackenzie Crawford
King of Hearts – Calvin Wauldo
Royal Cardsmen – Jaqueline Piles, Morgan Marshall, Rebecca Porter, Sophia Albrecht, Abbi Pegg, Maci Hart, Tillman Emo, Haley Santarelli, Owen Russell, Christopher Baker

Most roles will be doubled in other roles that have not been determined yet. There are several solos for cardsmen also.