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Congratulations to the cast of Frozen Jr! Please fill out the form to accept or decline your role. Roles are posted on the bottom of the page. You can also signup for our Frozen Jr Class this fall by clicking here. Thank you to everyone who auditioned.

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Performances: November 8th – 17th.  

Understudies: All understudies will get at least one performance. You will find out your performance in late September. All understudies will need to learn their role in the performance as well as the understudy role they received.  This is an amazing opportunity for students to learn and grow as artists. 

Rehearsals: Starting August 29th the leads will meet most Thursdays from 6:00pm – 9:00pm and Saturdays from 9:00am – 2:00pm.  Ensemble members should expect to meet about once a month on Thursday nights from 6:00pm – 8:30pm and every Saturday from 9:00am – 2:00pm. Students will only stay during the hours they are scheduled and will typically know at least one week in advance.

Ensemble: Townspeople, Snow Chorus, Hidden Folk, Castle Staff

Please take a minute and see which numbers you will be in.

Frozen Jr. Songs & Characters

List by track number and characters singing in each song.

#1 Let the Sun Shine On

Townspeople, Young Anna, Young Elsa, King, Queen

#4 A Little Bit Of You

Young Elsa, Young Anna,  Snow Chorus

#5 First Joik

Queen, Hidden Folk, Pabbie, Boulda

#8 Do You Want To Build A Snowman

Townspeople, Young Anna, Young Elsa, Middle Anna, Middle Elsa

#10 For The First Time In Forever

Anna, Elsa, Housekeeper, Butler, Handmaiden, Cook, Castle Staff, Townspeople

#12 Dangerous to Dream

Anna, Elsa, Townspeople

#14 Love Is an Open Door

 Anna Hans, Castle Staff, Townspeople

#15 Snow Chorus dance

Snow Chorus

#16 Reindeer Are Better Than People

Kristoff, Sven

#17 You’re Hired


#18 In Summer

Olaf, Sven, Summer Chorus

#20 Hygge

 Oaken, Oaken Family, Anna, Olaf, Sven, Kristoff

#22 Let It Go

Elsa, Snow Chorus

#25 For the First Time In Forever (Reprise)

Anna, Elsa, Snow Chorus

#27 Kristoff Joik

Kristoff, Hidden Folk

#28 Fixer Upper

Trolls, Hidden Folk, Kristoff, Olaf, Pabbie, Boulda

#33 Colder by the Minute

Townspeople, Snow Chorus, Elsa

#35 Finale Part 2


Abigail Aurelio Young Anna | Snow | Summer Chorus
Abigail Buckley Castle Staff | Snow | Summer Chorus
Adelle Thomas Townsperson 1 Scene 6 | Oaken Family
Aiden Johnson Pabi Understudy | Townsperson 4 Scene 10 | Oaken Family
Ally Buckley Townsperson 4 Scene 2 | Oaken Family
Amelia White Hidden Folk
Amy Walker Bulda
Arriana Thomas Cook | Townsperson
Ashley Buckley Queen | Snow | Summer Chorus
Ava Esposito Steward | Townsperson
Avery Johnson Hidden Folk
Blake Bayly Family Member 4 | Townsperson | Oaken Family
Bryn Evans Hidden Folk
Carlyn Kelly Olaf Understudy | Townsperson | Oaken Family | Castle Staff
Casey Sackman Hidden Folk
Dylan Kendrick Hidden Folk
Eden Fautz Townsperson 2 Scene 14 | Townsperson | Oaken Family
Ela Vatthyam Young Anna Understudy | Hidden Folk Solo 5
Eleanor Kahle Young Elsa | Snow | Summer Chorus
Elizabeth Jasper Hidden Folk
Elizabeth Robb Bulda Understudy | Hidden Folk
Ella Alfaro-Maldonado Hidden Folk
Ella Godfrey Middle Anna Understudy | Family Solo 2 | Townsperson | Oaken Family
Ellie Biehl Hidden Folk
Emerson Purse Townsperson 4 finale part 2 | Townsperson
Emma Bambrey Housekeeper | Snow | Summer Chorus
Emma Dodge Family Member 1 | Townsperson | Castle Staff
Emma Shipley Family Solo 1 | Townsperson | Oaken Family
Emmanuel Tojanci King | Townsperson
Ethan Mohring Townsperson 3 scene 10 | Townsperson | Oaken Family
Evelyn Jasper Hidden Folk
Eyahna Pemberton Hidden Folk Solo 3 | Hidden Folk
Genesis Williams Pabi | Hidden Folk
Georgia Rainero Middle Elsa | Snow | Summer Chorus
Grace Kahle Townsperson 1 scene 10 | Townsperson | Oaken Family
Hailey Hartley Townsperson 5 scene 10 | Townsperson | Oaken Family
Hannah Cruz Middle Anna | Snow | Summer Chorus
Harrison Kabel Bishop | Townsperson | Oaken Family
Izy Sedorchuk Snow | Summer Chorus
Jacqueline Piles Middle Elsa Understudy | Snow | Summer Chorus
Jaylyn Sullivan Queen Understudy | Townsperson | Oaken Family
Jeremy Garzon Hans
Jillian Breece Hidden Folk
Jole Peynado Hidden Folk
Jovian Martinez Townsperson
Julia Wells Sven Understudy | Townsperson 6 scene 10 | Townsperson
Kaily Calderon Snow | Summer Chorus
Kaitlyn West Snow | Summer Chorus
Kate Wilson Townsperson 1 scene 2 | Oaken Family | Family Member 3
Keeva Clark Townsperson 2 scene 6 | Townsperson
Kinsley Squicciarini Snow | Summer Chorus
Kristen Noble Elsa
Kylie Hackett Hidden Folk Solo 1 | Hidden Folk
Lauren Cruz Townsperson 2 scene 10 | Townsperson | Oaken Family
Liam Martinez Hidden Folk Solo 2 | Hidden Folk
Madelyn Mathews Townsperson 3 scene 14 | Townsperson
Marianna Young Elsa Understudy | Snow | Summer Chorus
Melinda Martinez Townsperson 1 scene 14 | Townsperson
Mia Zottolo Anna Understudy | Snow | Summer Chorus
Molly Wilson Sven
Naomi Porter Hidden Folk
Natalie Palacios Family Member 2 | Townsperson
Natasha Agarwal Hidden Folk
Noah Linch Kristoff
Norah Kaminsky Hidden Folk
Parker Eyre Weselton
Rachel Burnes Olaf
Reese Rainero Young Elsa Understudy | Townsperson | Oaken Family
Robert Gosling Weselton Understudy | Townsperson | Townsperson 5 Finale Part 2
Ronan Martinez Townsperson
Samantha Cueva Oaken Understudy | Townsperson | Oaken Family | Butler
Scarlett Kabel Townsperson 3 scene 2 | Townsperson
Sophie Cruz Anna
Sydney DiBiase Oaken | Snow | Summer Chorus
Teagan Clark Townsperson 3 scene 6 | Townsperson
Trey Porter Hidden Folk
Victoria Busch Townsperson 5 scene 6 | Townsperson | Oaken Family
Victoria Quilty Hidden Folk | | Hidden Folk Solo 4
Vienna Busch Townsperson 4 scene 6 | Townsperson | Oaken Family
William Urban King Understudy | Townsperson | Oaken Family
Zoe Pitko Handmaiden | Townsperson | Oaken Family

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