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Welcome everyone; please find the instructions for your virtual audition for HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL JR.

Please choose one of the six monologues, memorize it and send us a video recording of yourself performing the piece. Before you begin the monologue please “slate” this means state your name, give us your age and your height. If you have a resume please send us a copy or write us a little note sharing some of your past experiences. There is also a song to learn and a bit of choreography for you to learn and send us a recording of your performance.

We will be planning to rehearse the production safely from home, learning the music, the choreography and working on lines and scene work safely from home. Once it is safe to get together we will put the show onto its feet in about a ten-day period.

So, you will be sending us a video of yourself acting, singing, and dancing as well as your resume if possible. We look forward to viewing your virtual auditions, please feel free to reach out any time with any questions.

Go to CTWtheater.com for audition videos.

Auditions must be received by 8pm on Saturday April 25th. A Cast list will become public by Monday the 27th at 8pm. Anticipated show dates: June 11th – 14th

Submit to [email protected]

Once cast, there is a $250 production fee.


Ms. Darbus

She is the drama teacher, she enters the classroom with a flourish, her eccentricity is fueled by a genuine love of theatre and of teaching.  She is frustrated that the morning school announcements did not mention auditions for the upcoming school production.)


Well, once again, they forgot to announce the auditions for the winter musical, Juliet and Romeo, written by our very own Kelsi Nielson.  It’s a delicious, neo-feminist adaptation of Shakespeare’s classic tragedy of star-crossed lovers…with a brand new happy ending!


This year, as always, the Drama Club faces a shortage of male participants, so please come and audition.  I’m offering you fun, glamour… and extra credit! 


Coach Bolton

(Coach is speaking to Troy having just been confronted by Ms. Darbus regarding Troy’s intentions.) 


Darbus the deranged just chewed my head off because she thinks you’re plotting to mess up her auditions.  You have the biggest game of your life coming up in two days, and championship games don’t come along every day…they’re something special.  Get your head in the game, Bolton. You’re a playmaker, not a singer.  



(He is fed up with his teammates pressuring him to concentrate on the big game.)


I can’t believe you guys!  Is this what you want to hear:  Singing means nothing to me! Gabriella means nothing to me! I’ll forget the audition, forget her, and we’ll go get that championship! Everyone happy now?


(Troy now realizes that Gabriella heard every word he just said and he approaches her alone, he says the following to her.)


Gabriella, what you heard me say…none of that is true.  I was sick of my friends riding me about singing with you, and I said things I knew would shut them up.  I don’t want to be just “the basketball guy” anymore. I’m going to sing. 





So, over winter break my mom and I went on a ski trip.  I don’t really like to ski, so most of the time I just read books in our room.  On New Year’s Eve there was a big party and my mom begged me to go with her, it turned out to be pretty cool.  There was a karaoke contest for the kids and I met this amazing guy, his name was Troy. The only bummer was I found out we are moving to a new state.  I can’t believe this, I am going to have to start over in a new place and meet new people, maybe it won’t be all bad, at my old school I was always the “math girl”.  I hated it. Remember how cool kindergarten was? You’d meet somebody, and ten minutes later you were both best friends.  



(On the phone with her brother Ryan.)

Ryan, it’s me.  I need you to do something for me right now….. 


Tell me what you learned when you Googled this Gabriella Montez hag…


She’s a brain, I see.  Ok, here is what we are going to do, I need you to print out fliers about the Science Decathlon and put them into her locker and Taylor’s along with a note to Taylor so she thinks that Gabriella wants to be part of the team.  We need to make sure that Gabriella gets involved in school activities that will keep her far away from Troy Bolton! 



(Speaking to Sharpay)


Sharpay, the jocks and the brainiacs were mingling in study hall!  They’re up to something! We need to save our show from people who don’t know the difference between a Tony award and Tony Hawk.  I have an idea, you tell Darbus that Troy and his dad want to sabotage the auditions because she gave him detention. She’ll believe anything you tell her because you are the president of the Drama Club.


Jack Scott

(Making school announcements; like a DJ)

Yo, welcome back all you crazy Wildcats.  This is Jack Scott, the velvet fog of East High with the Homeroom 411 bringing you the morning announcements: The science Decathlon finals are coming up this Friday, so see Taylor “learning Curve” McKessie for more skinny on the hooey.  All for now, Peeps.