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Director | Amy Massari

Choreographer | Jesse Massari

Vocal Director | Susan Niekamp

We are very excited to announce our cast for Seussical the Musical, we have an ALL STAR TEAM!

Please complete the form below to accept you role. Once cast, there is a $275 production fee.





Suessical The Musical
Cast List
The Cat in the Hat———————————-Sam Pucin
Jojo—————————————Hudson McCarron
Horton the Elephant—————————–Spencer Barney
Gertrude Mcfuzz———————————Marissa Spurr
Mayzie La Bird———————————-Kristen Noble
Bird Girl 1————————————Elizabeth Robb
Bird Girl 2—————————————Ellie Kahle
Bird Girl 3—————————————Taylor Spurr
Bird Girl 4————————————Heather Capper
The Sour Kangaroo——————————-Kayci Suskind
Young Kangaroo———————————-Grace Kahle
The General/Wick 1——————————-Chance Staley
Wick 2—————————————–Kaylah Myers
Wick 3—————————————-Brycton Archer
Other Wick/Featured Dancer————————-Nora Drake
Other Wick/Featured Dancer————————-Kate Wilson
Mr. Mayor————————————–Cooper Stone
Mrs. Mayor———————————–Nikkita Danesch
Vlad Vladikoff/Featured Dancer——————–Evie Hennessey
Fox in Sox/Featued Dancer————————Camilla Motley
Starbelly Sneech/Featured Dancer——————-Gia Provinzino
Plain Belly Sneech/Featured Dancer—————–Ella Provinzino
Thidwick/Jungle/Featured Dancer——————Rebecca Porter
Cindy Lou Who———————————-Vienna Busch
The Grinch/Who——————————Matthew Ridgeway
Yertle the Turtle/News Reporter/Who—————–Paige Howard
Fritz/Who————————————-Victoria Busch
Max The Dog/Who——————————-Ella Godfrey
The Lorax/Who——————————–Kayley Edwards
Yep/Who—————————————Lyla Walker
The Once-ler/Who—————————–Caddie Cherubin
Thing 1/Who———————————-Grace McGugan
Thing 2/Who———————————–Lizzie Schlager
Sam I am/Who————————————-Kyra Levy