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This is what sets us apart!

Michelle, Krista and the whole CTW family, Congratulations on another awesome production! Thank you so much for giving my granddaughter, Taylor Mayack, the opportunity to participate in your workshops. She is never happier than when she is on stage and all of you have made that possible for her and so many other children. Your energy and love of theater is wonderful to watch and words cannot express how much I appreciate the selfless gift you offer to all of these children.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Jan Mayack

For Beauty and the Beast: Just wanted to thank you all for an amazing past few months. The gift and love you have for what you do showed in every detail of what you taught all of your students during the course of Beauty and The Beast. I love the way you demonstrated not only a love for theater, education and discipline but also a love for one another. How you taught the kids that this is not only an individual accomplishment, but most important a team effort. Something like how a family operates, as a team. Through the course of this production we reconnected with friends we hadn’t seen in a while as well as making entirely new friendships. Most of all we appreciate with all sincerity, the blessing of being a part of CTW and your CTW family. You all hold a special place in our hearts!

Thank you all for everything you do. Jennifer Rodriguez


Hello Michelle and all who were involved in the Cinderella auditions held on Saturday, I want to send you all my deepest appreciation and gratitude for all you did for my daughter Sherry that day. The special circumstances you created for her so she could complete her audition was nothing short of inspiring. Your assistant, Kari Oyer, who first saw her crying in my lap was so compassionate and said she’d talk to the judges. Then Michelle came out and talked to my daughter and asked if she was in the room with me next to her if that’d make it better; that was awesome!! Then all of the judges made her feel so at ease, and the accompanist worked so fantastic with her as well. I fully expected her not to make the cast in any capacity because of her stage fright that morning, which would have been fine with me and completely understandable. We talked afterward and agreed this was probably just a good audition experience and next time would be easier. The fact that she made it in is an unexpected and completely surprising bonus. I’m sure this is going to go a LONG way toward helping her next audition much easier on her. We’ve always heard great things about your program and those great things were experienced by my daughter and me 100 fold that morning. So, once again, I wish to extend to all those involved my deepest appreciation and gratitude for all you did for Sherry that morning and she is looking so forward to working with you all in the coming months. Sincerely, Larry Niekamp


Creative Theater Workshop has been the best thing that has ever come into my daughter Julia’s life. She’s been involved with this program for three years now and has made dramatic improvements in several areas. Being involved in such a program has taught her the true meaning of responsibility and commitment. Now who doesn’t want that for their child! She has also come out of her shell so to speak regarding her acting/singing skills as a direct result of some amazing guidance and teaching from Michelle and her crew. Julia has been in Annie Jr., Wizard of Oz, and most recently Godspell. I cannot thank Michelle and her wonderful staff enough for their passion and commitment to this program. It has also been a blessing for me because I’ve gotten involved in volunteering for the shows and have made some amazing friends! Pam Kaye